28 September 2009

Backdated Stories

(The article below was written on 10th July 2008, 0945H, in my office at Subang. I write it again in this blog, to share it with my kids …and the rest of the world)

Dengan Nama-Nya Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani
Its been quite sometime since I wrote anything on papers. I missed the glory years where I love to write. Its been wonderful years passing by and a lot of stories to share, and I don’t know where to start, due to my excitement.

Well, lets begin with my journey in this MMEA (Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency)…
1. It all began in 2007 – where rumors of MMEA “employing” a few RMAF pilots to fly their aircraft.
2. Of what I can see, I am the last in the list – that is – IF I ever in the list !
3. A few pilots even have submitted their resume to MMEA, to apply for the job (I even help one of them to write the resume!).

Early 2007:
4. It is said that the names were already final, and again, I am not putting any interest on that matter.
5. After all, in my mind, the pilots selected, should be a senior pilot – aircraft captains …
6. Well, I am not even close to any of the criteria.
7. I am a copilot (still) and I got many seniors above me, who is more than qualified, for the job.

May 2007 :
8. One of my aircraft captains is “happy”, because he is “selected” – but officially, the list is not out yet.

13 July 2007, Friday evening (Friday the 13th !) :
9. I got a call – mentioned that my name is selected officially to MMEA and I have to report to MMEA!
10. But I still have to cx the signal, to confirm !

14th July 2007, Saturday, morning:
11. I checked the signal, and yes, my name is selected to go to MMEA – BUT - with a catch; I have to report to MMEA on 16th July 2007, Monday!
12. Lets just think about it. Its weekend…and nobody (especially the admin) is working on weekends!
13. I am in Labuan. The flight to KL is only on every Tuesday and Thursday!
14. It takes – at least – 24 hours to book for the seat in the flight! (Normal procedures required at least 7 days before intended flight).

15th July 2007 , Sunday, after dinner:
15. After a long discussion with my wife, I decided to go alone, and my wife and kids will follow later.

16th July 2007, Monday, morning:
16. I called MMEA officers, to let them know that I request for a delay in reporting to the agency…they said “No”! I told them, the earliest I can report to MMEA is on Wednesday morning…and they agreed.

17th July 2007, Tuesday morning:
17. I managed to get a seat to KL and my wife and kids will follow on 19th July 2007.

18th July 2007, Wednesday morning:
18. As planned, I reported to MMEA HQ and … nothing ! Nothing in the sense that – after reporting to the HQ, we dont have nothing to do ! Since then, every morning, after “cx in” to HQ, we just sit there, filled in a few forms, chit chat a little bit, hanging around. And it all happens for two weeks ! What a mess !


For the time being, I think its enough about my early days at MMEA. Lets talk about something else… about my children. I love to talk about my kids, over and over again. Lets re-cap some info about my kids. My eldest is my daughter, Nurdini Adriana. She was born 24th September 2002. Second is my son, Mohd Danish Imran, born 18th June 2004. And my youngest son, Mohd Darwisy Iman, born 14th June 2006 (by the time this article was wrote, I already have my fourth kid, my daughter, Nurdafiny Adlya, born 3rd Febraury 2009).


I think we can continue about my kids later. What matters for me now is … my dream. Not what I dreamt last night, but what I always dream of – that is “IF I WERE RICH”. Well, you can say that it is everybody’s dream, but for me, the word RICH itself is subjective. One may say –“My income is RM3K per month, I have 5 kids, paying much on bills/rent/school fees/house hold and so forth… but I still manage to go for a holiday with my family…”

On the other hand, someone else may say – “My income is RM10K per month, my wife is working (additional income), I have only two kids…but its not enough! I still have to work hard for the family and I cant imagine, what will happen if I changed my job and cant get same amount of income every month!”


New day; 11th July 2008, 0900H, in my office at Subang.

Its been year of events since I came back to Peninsular. Flying with new type of aircraft, the VIP tasks, the National Election, the return of our ex-DPM, the “fall down” of present government (5 states won by the Opposition), the Mongolian lady - who bombed to death, a lot of swear of oaths, the sodomy trial, and most important of all is the fuel hike. The fuel hike really concern me a lot. The fuel increased from RM1.92 per liter to RM2.70 per liter in over night !!!

For me, A LOT can be done to prevent this increment. Involvement from Government Link Companies (GLC) should be considered. I am very frustrated, because their (the GLCs) annual report said “…Last year we gain profit of RM 80 billion, but this year our profit is only RM 60 billion…we lost about RM 20 billion” !!??!!??!!

How come they dare to say it A LOSS ! RM 60 billion is a lot of money and THAT is only one example of one company ! What about other GLCs??? Their profit is only for their own employees – for a good 4 to 6 month of bonus! I don’t mind for those employees who get RM 3K to 5K per month. They sure deserve such a bonus ! But what about their boss? Their board of directors (BOD)? They (the BOD) for sure have the monthly income of (at least) RM 10K ! With 4 – 6 month bonus, how much will it be ??? No wonder they cant get “enough” profit (or better I say – “loss”) – even with yearly average income of RM 50 billion!!!
Hope somebody is listening me …

Just to finish off the day…
In today’s newspaper, it is said that our PETRONAS is no. 8th in the world who gained most in Petroleum Industry ! …

I don’t take it as a good news but more to sad and insulting news. What does it mean to be top 10 in the world, but you cant contribute enough to your country rather than to yourself? We Malaysians “suffer” from the high fuel price – but you – the great top 10 company in the world – keep telling us “..ooh, we are losing profit… we are losing money…” B******T !!!

We should be as one team. If we win, we will win together. If we suffer, we should suffer together !

Just imagine this: If all GLCs contribute about 30% from their profit, just to reduce the oil price, imagine how much we can save… !!! The government don’t have to worry about so called “subsidized” money to reduce fuel price , at least until the end of 2008 !

I really hope that somebody will respond over this matter …


25 September 2009

Pesananku ...

Anak ku…

Semalam, 24 September 2009, Nurdini Adriana telah menyambut ulangtahun ke 7. Terlalu cepat rasanya masa berlalu. Disini ingin aku kongsikan sedikit dari pengalaman ku, untuk tatapan anak anak ku …


Ketahuilah bahawa kita adalah dari keturunan yang berasal dari daerah Padang, Sumatera. Masih ramai saudara kita yang berada di sana.
Diceritakan bahawa, Tok Padang adalah bermulanya cerita kita di Tanah Melayu ini.
Diceritakan : Tok Padang adalah seorang yang dihormati di daerah Padang dan beliau juga pernah menjadi Post Master di kawasannya.
Tok Padang juga mempunyai ilmu batin yang diperturunkan dari generasi ke generasi, sehingga ke hari ini. Terbaru adalah Pak Long mu, Khairul Nizam, akan mewarisinya. Ilmu apa yang diperturunkan, wallahualam. Tapi ianya sudah pasti untuk kesejahteraan keturunan Tok Padang di Tanah Melayu ini.
Ketahuilah juga, Tok Padang adalah juga berketurunan darah istana di Sumatera itu. Tetapi, aku gagal menyelami pokok pangkal sirah keturunan istana itu.
Anak Tok Padang ialah Tok Ayah Omar, iaitu ayah kepada Alwi , ayah kepada aku. Berketurunan Mandaling dan Telu, kita di sini, hari ini.
Besarlah harapan ku agar bahasa serta adat, Mandaling dan Telu ini, tidak hilang ditelan zaman.


Walaupun kita berada dizaman serba canggih dan moden ini, janganlah lupa kepada asal usul kita, serta adat serta adab kepada alam semesta, sementara kita masih hidup ini. Ingin ku pesan beberapa perkara :

1. Jika kita hendak keluar rumah (dengan meninngalkan rumah kosong), pastikan Ketua Rumah adalah yang terakhir meninggalkan rumah.
2. Selepas memeriksa semua bahagian rumah (peralatan elektrik dimatikan, tingkap & pintu belakang ditutup, dapur memasak tidak digunakan/ditutup dll) barulah Ketua Rumah keluar dari rumah.
3. Keluarlah dengan kaki kanan sambil terus terusan berselawat (sambil keluar dari rumah, sambil mengunci pintu rumah, sambil mengunci pagar rumah).
4. Jika keluar / balik kerumah pada waktu malam, pastikan semua anggota keluarga, sekurang kurangnya membersihkan diri dengan berwudhu sebelum masuk ke rumah. Ini adalah untuk “menghalang” entity yang tidak sepatutnya, mengikut kita masuk ke dalam rumah dan seterusnya mengganggu kita di waktu malam hari.
5. Selepas itu, sebelum masuk ke rumah, pastikan kita masuk ke rumah dengan membelakangkan badan kita ke arah pintu masuk, dan melangkahlah ke belakang untuk masuk ke dalam rumah.
6 Pastikan juga kita “menghalau” entity tersebut (sambil masuk kerumah) dengan menyebut “PERGI SANA ! JANGAN IKUT KAMI !” atau perkataan yang seumpamanya.
7. Apabila kita berpindah ke rumah baru, sebelum bermalam untuk pertama kali di rumah tersebut, pastikan kita “memagar” rumah tersebut dari entity yang tidak berkenaan.
Caranya ialah :
a. Sediakan air yasin (sekurang kurangnya semangkuk).
b. Semua bahagian rumah yang boleh “dibuka”, dibuka sepenuhnya (contoh : pintu, tingkap, almari dan sebagainya)
c. Dengan menggunakan tangan, “taburkan” air yasin tadi ke SEMUA bahagian yang terbuka tadi sambil berselawat ke atas Rasulullah SAW dengan setiap "taburan". Dalam ertikata yang lain, buatlah perkara tersebut ke sekeliling rumah.
d. Setelah selesai, terus tutup bahagian yang dibuka tadi (pintu, tingkap dll) dan jangan dibuka sehingga keesokan hari.
e. Jalanilah kehidupan seperti biasa pada hari hari selanjutnya di rumah baru tersebut.
f. Janganlah lupa adat meninggalkan rumah yang biasa, seperti : memaklumkan kepada jiran, tinggalkan nombor telefon yang boleh dihubungi dan lain lain lagi.

Tidak banyak ilmu yang mampu aku “turunkan” kepada kamu semua. Jagalah dirimu sebaik mungkin. Perkara perkara yang aku sebutkan diatas tadi, hanyalah sebagai pelindung dan penjaga kepada diri, keluarga serta tempat tinggal kita. Insya allah, segalanya akan diberkati Allah dan Dia lah Maha Penjaga kepada alam semesta ini.

Berkatkan lah dirimu dengan berkongsi adat adat ini dengan sahabat handai serta rakan taulan yang lain. Insya allah, kita semua akan diberkati.

Salam sayang dari Ayah mu,