About Me

I was born in Simpang Kuala, Alor Star, Kedah on 4th August 1973 6.05am. Start my pre-school in Kampar Catholic . My primary school was in Methodist ACS Kampar. Then continue my secondary school in ACS Ipoh. 1989 I went to MRSM Perlis until my SPM. Completed my school years, I went to University Technology of Malaysia Jalan Semarak for 3 years - but I didnt complete my studies. I went for a part time job in Ericsson Malaysia (Section 15 Shah Alam) for about 2 years before joining the Air Force in 1996. Commisionned as 2nd Leftenant in 1999, I start my carrier as a chopper pilot in 2000. Flew the Nuri from then until they called me to be part of the pioneer pilots of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency from July 2007 till now.