02 February 2012

The First Mission

Salam all,

Its been quite sometime since i wrote anything again... and its already New Year for all of us...

1. I was commisioned as a SAR (Search and Rescue) pilot on November 2011. Before this, I was only a copilot for few missions. But this time, I am "alone", deciding every move made and responsible for any actions taken by any crew member..

2.I waited and waited for my first mission, and finally on January 28th 2012, I got my first mission..

3.It was Saturday. As always, me and my wife went for our weekly jogging. We went as far as 7km out before we decided to head back home. Another 5km to reach home, I received a call from my operation room (ops room) that they received a call for SAR mission...

4. I quickly respond to the call and by 0900h I was already in the ops room, waiting for further instruction from the Rescue Center.

5. Me and the crew was told that one boat capsized and 4 person missing. The location is about 5nm north of Pulau Tioman. At about 1030h, we were already airborne and the plan is we straight away go to the search area and after that go back to Kuantan base for refueling...
6. About 1130h, we were inside the search area and begin our mission... I was really hoping that I will find the survivor and make my day..

7. But after 90minutes searching, we found nothing... no survivor to be recued. so I decided to go back to Kuantan for refueling. after refueled, we went for another search.. this time we go to the area between Pulau Tioman and also the mainland... still, after 2hour of search, we found nothing.

8. By that time, one ship from navy and another ship from maritime already arrived at the scene for the search... since we already low of fuel, I decided to go back to Kuantan for another refueling, and it was already almost 5pm.

9. Then I make the mistake. I decided to go back to Subang, assuming the search mission for me was over. So, after the refueling, I start the aircraft and headed back to Subang. Arrived at Subang, my boss was "angry" because I made such a decision. I was suppose to contact the Rescue Center, and ask them whether to continue the mission or not. Its not my decision to discontinue the mission! I admit my mistake and I learned well from that..

10. Since then, I am still waiting for another SAR mission and this time, I will not make the same mistake again..