10 June 2010

Sesto Calende - Part 1

05 June 2010

We arrived at KLIA 1920H for the departure. After solat maghrib at the airport surau, we went to the counter to check-in. After sorted out the luggage problems (the luggages were over weight) we were given our boarding pass.

2100h: After a lot of goodbyes, hugs and kisses and also reminders, we went to the departure hall…. But it’s the Golden Lounge for us. It’s not the first time I went to the Golden Lounge and it hasn’t change much…

2300h: we are supposed to board at 2320h but we decided to check out from the Golden Lounge earlier. I managed to convert a few Malaysian Ringgit to Euro … I got only 30euros. To make it short, we boarded the 777 aircraft smoothly. The captain announces that the flight will be delayed about 15 minutes due to … I don’t know why, and I don’t care much about it. And here again, after a few trip to overseas, I am in the business class again … heh heh …and I make myself at home ! Not much to do during the trip. After having the business class supper, watch the movie about sons-of-god-become-hero, I fell asleep and woke up just about three hours from the estimate landing time. In short, after the business class breakfast, the aircraft prepared to land.

06 June 2010

At exactly 0540h, we were landed at Rome! We don’t bother about the luggage because we check them in directly to Milan. After strolling pass thru the customs and immigrations and Terminal 3, we headed to Terminal 1 where our next flight will be (to Milan).
Its still very early in the morning and its Sunday … so not much movement in the Terminal 1. We were suppose to check-in 1220h – but since there were nothing else to do (plus tired of hanging around the Terminal), we decided to check-in earlier. After checked in, we went to the departure hall. And yes. Our gamble is worth it. There’s more shops and activities in the departure hall. We had a light breakfast at McDonald’s (we were having harsh brown each) and chatting to kill the time. Finally, at 1255h, we were boarding the MD (McDonnell Douglas aircraft) to Milan Malpensa! Yaayyy !!! Our flight suppose to take-off at 1320h and landed about 1 hour 20 minutes later … since we were still having the jet lag, I fell asleep during waiting for the aircraft to taxy out. Suddenly I woke up and .. we were still at the same place! Yes, the aircraft is not moving and … guess what .. the captain told the passengers, briefly, about the reason of delay and its in Italiano (hmm… so much to do with the “considerations”!).
The aircraft finally moved out (at least!) at 1405h (almost 30 minutes delay!) and we took off… yes, finally!

1500h: The aircraft landed Milano Malpensa Airport (Aeroporto Malpensa) with everybody was praying for their life during final! I think its must be the new pilot who was handling the aircraft! How I wish they do it to some other aircraft instead of mine! After got out from the aircraft, we went to pickup our luggages. Its funny when I found out that my luggage was the first luggage to come out from the conveyer! In brief, we got out from the Terminal and looking out for the car rental. The company (Agusta Westland) suppose to sent their representative to assist us to our hotel and facilitate with the car renting, but there was none. We re on our own now.

We manage for the car rental that have been booked earlier and try to look out for the car...
After a while, the reps still not there and after a few phone calls, they finally assigned one bus for us to follow. Actually its the bus driver who suppose to greet us at the airport, but it seems that he have to greet a few students from Egypt (just like us, attending the course). The address is: Via Cognolia, Castelletto Sopra Ticino (not even related to "Milan") and the apartment is CalAlbergo.

1730h: We checked in, and got outself one room for each of us. All the luggage with food, were sent to my room and that means, my room is the cook house- and also the "dining" room for five of us.

They decided to go out to a supermarket nearby ("Bennet"), to buy a few things. Myself, preparing my room (to be converted into "cook house"...) which is offloading all the food that we brought along.

1930h: For dinner, we had nasi goreng and sardines.

2000h: I decided to go out with Zaiful to explore roads and nearby town. Later on we found out that our apartment (the town we lived in) is nearby a big lake (I can say that it is as big as Shah Alam!) - but I still yet to find the name of the lake.

2120h: We came back to our apartment, and its just nice for Maghrib. Isya' will be at 2330h and Subuh at 0320h. Since syuruk is at 0520h, I set my alarm at 0500h before went to sleep.

So much for the first day, will continue later... good night all.