11 March 2009

Sound Bites

Its may be a year full of suspense, drama, hypocrites and may I say "adventure" ... I just want to share list of events that lead to that matters ...
1. I cant help myself but to touch a bit of politics events in Malaysia. I must agree with our former Prime Minister (http://www.chedet.cc/) that in the last election (March 2008) Malaysians vote for Pakatan Rakyat (PR) not because they have strong support for them, but total frustration on how the current government, Barisan Nasional (BN), "fail" to manage the country. Can you trust PKR to lead the country? Will you give PAS the mandate to "amend" our country's policies? How much you will you support DAP to join PAS and PKR to lead us Malaysians? Of course, I can see a big NO to that ! But on the other hand, we cant rely on BN anymore - not after what they have done ! Lets take the fuel hike for example. Just a few days before the election they (BN) said "THERE LL BE NO FUEL HIKE AT LEAST UNTIL THE END OF 2008!" - but a few weeks after that they increase the fuel price from RM1.90 to RM2.70 ! And yes, we can still feel the effect of the increment until today ! I am not surprise if in our next election the candidates from BEBAS will concur the Parliament and Ibrahim Ali will be our next Prime Minister !!!
2. My status here in Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) is still "uncertain". I am still a co pilot and still an Airforce Officer. Series of letters already sent - but still - no firm reply from the Human Resource MMEA. To be command of the aircraft has long been my aim - since I started flying the Nuri. But bureaucracy make things be very complicated. Its must be a very long RED TAPE that they have in the Agency. Yes, I want to join MMEA. To be part of them. But it seems that they are not interested on us. Just let me make it clear. Its THEM who suppose to "invite" us to join MMEA! THEY are the one who suppose to show the interest! The reason is simple. We are the pioneer pilots for MMEA. Lets say we go back to Airforce, who ll fly their aircraft? JUST TELL ME WHO !!!?!?!!?!?!!!!! Of course they can always teach new pilots to fly the aircraft - but they have to teach them right from the beginning - as what I have been learning for the past two years! Start from square one means you have to sign a new contract with the instructors (from France) - sigining new contracts means ... A LOT OF MONEY !!!! Lets think about it together.
3. Sorry, my England is very bad. Its been a very long time since I wrote anything. Any comments will be much appreciate, thanks.